Our capos are proven to be the fastest in the world !

  By replacing the index finger as barre, this capo lets you use all four fingers and thumb to shape any chord, anywhere on your fretboard with effortless speed. Move it as fast as you can move your fretting hand. Our capo moves with your fretting hand without any extra manual manoeuvres.

  Our ROLLING CAPO allows the guitarist to easily play thousands of new and more complex bar-chords.

  Expert guitarists will enjoy the potential to expand their performance capabilities by, in effect, giving their fretting hand a SIXTH FINGER.



  All our capos are guaranteed the refund of your purchase price via PayPal if you send this capo back postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Send your capo back to us with a copy of your receipt of sale, and your email (PayPal) address to us for immediate reimbursement.

Our Products

Our CAPOS for electric guitar

Blond, gold lacquer

Brown, real wood veneer


English language version

Versión en español


Elastic cord - 35 - 39mm

Elastic cord - 40 - 44mm

Elastic cord - 45 - 49mm

Elastic cord - 50 - 54mm

or you may specify exact length.

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