rolling capo by 6to Dedo
rolling capo by 6to Dedo

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   Our rolling capo fits all 6-string electric guitars, and may be rolled up to the 14th fret. Roll it out past the nut and over the pegboard when you don't need it.

   The barre is shaped to match your fingerboard's cross-sectional radius of 9 or more inches, and  is very flexible to fit various radii and compound radius necks. The barre axle is surrounded with Teflon™ and the durable outer barre roller. The nitrile elastic cord is also surrounded by Teflon rollers. The side-sliders are likewise of Teflon.

   The rolling capo comes in right-hand and left-hand models.

   Your choice of real wood veneers will make the capo blend best with the color of your guitar's fingerboard : Norwegian beech to match maple fretboards, or Nigerian sapele for your rosewood or ebony fretboards.

   Every capo comes with a durable zippered case with a clasp.




  "SIXTH FINGER rolling capo - with Guide to GUITAR THEORY and 7,236 GUITAR CHORDS"

   Our 69-page booklet and user's manual gives all the information you need to finger thousands of chords using our rolling capo.

   Even if you don't yet own a rolling capo, the 40 pages of diagrams and tables is an excellent comprehensive guide to hundreds of chord fingerings. Included is a summary of music theory and a description of the most useful types of chords. Inside the back cover is a handy tool to calculate transpositions, and find how to play any of several thousand chords.

   Plastic laminated waterproof cover, with a lay-flat plastic ring binding, in either of two language versions.



  The elastic CORD is the major determiner of the tone and feel of the capo. Too long (too loose), and the capo will roll easily, but you may have a buzzy tone. Too short and tight, and the tone will be crisp, but it might be difficult to attach the capo to your guitar, and less easy to move along the fretboard. There will be a perfect cord length for you and your guitar.

  By undoing a single nut, one can replace the cord. Our capos are shipped with an average length cord which is suitable for the large majority of electric guitars. The cord and its terminals are nearly indestructible in normal use, but you may wish to try another length at a nominal cost. Contact us via email with your precise requirements and we can send you a replacement cord for low cost.

   Almost all modern electric guitars have a narrow fingerboard with 9 to 12 inch cross-sectional radius at the nut (23cm to 31cm). Our barre and its axle are extremely flexible to accommodate various and compound radii. If your guitar has a wider or flatter fingerboard or an unusual neck, contact us via email and we can custom-make a capo for you.

   To purchase our accessories, contact us directly by email.


   Our company is still small, and our output is limited. We will not lower our standards to speed production.



If you have a brick 'n mortar music store, and would like to sell our capos, we have a very special deal for you ! Please contact us for more information.

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Our CAPOS for electric guitar

Blond, right-handed

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Blond, left-handed

Dark-brown, left-handed


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Elastic cord - 35 - 39mm

Elastic cord - 40 - 44mm

Elastic cord - 45 - 49mm

Elastic cord - 50 - 54mm

or you may specify exact length.


Zippered hard case

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