Our Booklet - A Guide to 7,236 Guitar Chords

  Shown below are 76 chord fingerings or 'shapes.' Many may be called by two or more names, depending on their musical context.

  For example, F6 = Dm7 (both chords contain just the notes A, C, D, and F). Therefore, 107 chords are diagrammed below.

  Using the rolling capo, you may multiply that number by 12 rapid transpositions to obtain 1,284 chords.

  Our 69-page booklet contains all these diagrams and hundreds more, plus a comprehensive index and a chord transposing wheel to quickly find how to form any chord. Most of the 7,236 chords from our booklet can ONLY be formed by use of a capo.

  Also included is a 21-page summary of guitar theory and a description of the best use and musical effect of over twenty types of chords.

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